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Novotnasci.cz is hosted in Czech Republic / Havlickuv Brod . Novotnasci.cz doesn't use HTTPS protocol. Number of used technologies: 8. First technologies: CSS, Html, Html5, Number of used javascripts: 10. First javascripts: Jquery.js, Jquery-migrate.min.js, Cntctfrm.js, Number of used analytics tools: 1. First analytics tools: Google Analytics, Number of used plugins, modules: 1. Its server type is: Apache. Its CMS is: Wordpress.

Technologies in use by Novotnasci.cz


Number of occurences: 8
  • CSS
  • Html
  • Html5
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Cycle
  • Php
  • Pingback



Number of occurences: 10
  • jquery.js
  • jquery-migrate.min.js
  • cntctfrm.js
  • jquery.sidr.min.js
  • html5.min.js
  • jquery.cycle.all.min.js
  • catchbox_slider.js
  • skip-link-focus-fix.js
  • navigation.js
  • catchbox-scrollup.min.js

Content Management System

Number of occurences: 1
  • Wordpress


Number of occurences: 1
  • Google Analytics

Server Type

  • Apache

Used plugins, modules

Number of plugins and modules: 1
  • contact form plugin

Conversion rate optimization

visitors Clickable call number Not founded!
visitors Conversion form (contact form, subcriber) Founded!
visitors Clickable email Not founded!
visitors CTA (call to action) button Not founded!
visitors List Founded!
visitors Image Not founded!
visitors Enhancement Not founded!
visitors Responsive website Founded!
visitors Facebook sharing Not founded!
visitors Google+ sharing Not founded!
visitors Twitter sharing Not founded!
visitors Linkedin sharing Not founded!
visitors Blog on the webiste Not founded!

HTTPS (SSL) - Novotnasci.cz

Missing HTTPS protocol.

    Meta - Novotnasci.cz

    Number of occurences: 3
    • Name:
    • Name: viewport
      Content: width=device-width, initial-scale=1
    • Name: generator
      Content: WordPress 4.2.7

    Server / Hosting

    • IP:
    • Latitude: 49.63
    • Longitude: 15.48
    • Country: Czech Republic
    • City: Havlickuv Brod


    • ns.wedos.com
    • ns.wedos.net
    • ns.wedos.cz
    • ns.wedos.eu


    • wedos.wedos.com

    HTTP Header Response

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 09:00:31 GMT Server: Apache Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID=iapna6unq4guosbjoj71092612; path=/ Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0 Pragma: no-cache X-Pingback: http://novotnasci.cz/wordpress/xmlrpc.php Vary: Accept-Encoding Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8


    host: novotnasci.cz
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 1800
    3. type: A
    4. ip:
    host: novotnasci.cz
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 3600
    3. type: NS
    4. target: ns.wedos.com
    host: novotnasci.cz
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 3600
    3. type: NS
    4. target: ns.wedos.net
    host: novotnasci.cz
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 3600
    3. type: NS
    4. target: ns.wedos.cz
    host: novotnasci.cz
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 3600
    3. type: NS
    4. target: ns.wedos.eu
    host: novotnasci.cz
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 3600
    3. type: SOA
    4. mname: ns.wedos.net
    5. rname: wedos.wedos.com
    6. serial: 2016032901
    7. refresh: 3600
    8. retry: 1800
    9. expire: 2592000
    10. minimum-ttl: 3600
    host: novotnasci.cz
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 1800
    3. type: AAAA
    4. ipv6: 2a02:2b88:1:4::16

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